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End of the Rainbow Stunning Packet Effect

End of the Rainbow  Stunning Packet Effect

Imagine this, you have two small packets of cards...you display one packet , it contains four cards, all the same value and face up.

 You place them down, and display the other packet face down, this packet contains five cards all with the same faces as the four card packet.. 

Now one by one you place cards from the face up packet onto the face down packet..and instantly the whole packet turns face up.

 You repeat this with a face down card from the smaller card packet,on the previously face up packet, and now the packet turns face down again.  

All the time the backs and faces of all cards can be seen. 

You perform this feat four times, everything is fair and above board......now you show the original four blue backed cards, on turning them face up and spreading the in a fan, they have changed to a completly different card !!!!

You then take one of those completly different card...and it has changed back to match the cards that was originally shown !!

 Finally...you show the backs and faces of all the cards, suddenly all the backs of the cards have changed !!

What were clearly seen to be blue backed cards...are now the wonderful colours of the rainbow...and the blue cards are now shown...and they have all changed to a completely different card entirely...!!! 

No rough and smooth....no gaffed cards......just one count to learn...and you probably already know it.....it's the Hamman count......and you have a non gaffed miracle in your hands! 

You will get a lot of fun and a great deal of credit for slight of hand magic with this one !

 It is a simple and entertaining routine, expertly compiled to lead your audience well and truly up the garden path, and then you absolutely fry their brains with the final reveal. 

This is a trick that's all about presentation, a real visual stunner, with no gaffed cards to worry about.

Complete with all the cards you need in a neat wallet, and very clear instructions for you to follow, we even teach you the Hamman count!


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