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 Svengali Deck, Bicycle, Poker   Svengali Deck, Bicycle, Poker
I M P O S S I B L E DECK!.....A card is selected and returned to the pack which is then shuffled. .....The magician then feels the backs of the cards one at a time and is able to find the selected card in seconds......The selected card is then shuffled into the pack again only to jump to the top of ...
 Royal Road to Card Magic Special+Two Bicycle   Royal Road to Card Magic Special+Two Bicycle
by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue ..Would you like to confound your friends, amaze your acquaintances, amuse and dazzle crowds at parties and gatherings? Mastering a few card tricks will allow you to do all that and more. With the help of this book, anyone can develop a versatile repertoire of fi...
 Reality Twister Book with lens   Reality Twister Book with lens
A new accompaniment book to a Murphy's Magic Supplies best seller- Reality Twister! Learn to astonish spectators in their own hands with ideas like: ..Visible Linking Ring ..String Theory ..Twisted Topology ..The Mighty Fine Rotation Penetration ..The Meat Stick of Plenty ..Plus many, many, more! .....
 Poker Chip Polka   Poker Chip Polka
... .Beginners Black & White Surprise!. . Show two poker chips, a black and a white one..Hold a chip in each hand, they changes places!..After doing this a couple of times they think the coins are black on one side and white on the other side.... The next time you open your hands the chips h...
 Perfect - JB Magic- with dvd   Perfect - JB Magic- with dvd
The video speaks for itself - fantastic!! This is my recent personal favorite!! Absolutely no skill required, although you will need a pack of Bicycle cards to perform this effect. Please enter any colour preference in the comments at the end of your order. ..Mark Mason's IMPOSSIBLE SHOCKER in Bicyc...
 Pena Coin   Pena Coin
You'll LOVE this one!!.Effect: Two coins are shown on top of a rubber sheet. The spectator is allowed to choose one, then one of the coins is pushed visibly through the rubber...All may be examined but the secret will remain such.....
 Needle through Balloon   Needle through Balloon
..The spectator blows up the balloon....You shove a lethal looking 18' needle completely thru the balloon without bursting it! .. Un-Explainable! . Remove the Sharp Needle & POP it!.......
 Miraculous Penetration   Miraculous Penetration
Manufactured In Europe...Remove from your pocket the heavy matchbox and toothpick. ...Push a metal hatpin through a matchbox, it exits the bottom....No big magic! So pull the pin back out and open the matchbox....Inside the matchbox is a solid block of brass just fitting inside!...Dump the brass blo...
 Invisible Deck, Bicycle, Poker..   Invisible Deck, Bicycle, Poker..
This is 1 of the many ways you can reveal a thought of card, The thought of card appears face down in a face up deck. ..With no slight of hand....The magician takes "two" decks from his pocket and sets them on the table - one deck is REAL and one deck is INVISIBLE!...Ask a spectator to pick any card...
 Cubio - Brass   Cubio - Brass
  An Excellent trick for every one..Cubio is Easy to use and will baffle you family and friends for hours. ..When the Magician is holding string, the Brass cube will slide up and down and on the spectators command it will stop and start anywhere on the the sting...When you hand the trick to th...
 3.00  3.99 
 BrainWave Deck, Bicycle - Poker   BrainWave Deck, Bicycle - Poker
The magician asks the spectator to name ANY card. ...A deck of cards is removed from the box....There is one card face up in the deck - it is the spectator's freely named card!...For the CLIMAX, the magician proves he knew the card to be selected in advance by showing that the card has a different c...
 Amazing Magic with Cards DVD   Amazing Magic with Cards DVD
Armed with an ordinary deck of cards and the information on this DVD, you'll gain a reputation as a master magician in no time. This broadcast quality program teaches you how to perform incredible feats any time, and anywhere - with any deck. And best of all, no complicated sleight-of-hand is involv...
 Amazing Magic Tricks with a Svengali Deck DVD   Amazing Magic Tricks with a Svengali Deck DVD
Undoubtedly the most versatile set of trick cards in existence, the Svengali Deck makes difficult sleight of hand ever so easy! What takes profssional magicians years of practice and study can be mastered quickly and easily with the aid of this DVD and a Svengali Deck..With DVD Technology, these tri...
 Aces in their Faces with DVD   Aces in their Faces with DVD
It's the easiest Ace Assembly in the world. 'It's going right in my trade show act!' Danny Orleans, Genii Magazine .A deck of cards is shown to be all face-down. .Make a gesture and show the Ace of Spades now face-up on top of the deck! .The deck is cut and squared-up, the remaining three aces ...
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01. Svengali Deck, Bicycle, Poker
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06. Amazing Magic Tricks with a Svengali Deck DVD
07. Amazing Magic with Cards DVD
08. Miraculous Penetration
09. Poker Chip Polka
10. Aces in their Faces with DVD
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Ths is an excellent little trick, I originally bought the 2 ..
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