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 A New World by Dean Dill and Michael Weber   A New World by Dean Dill and Michael Weber
For more than twenty years, Dean Dill and Michael Weber have kept their original method for Out Of This World a secret. ..Their secret can now be yours. Discover A New World. The Paul Curry classic made perfect, plus special gaffs, secret marks, hidden codes, subtle cues, and a built-in memory-free ...
 Alone   by DAVID REGAL'S   Alone by DAVID REGAL'S
ALONE BY DAVID REGAL....A spectator names a card. It turns out to be the only face up card in the deck..The magician turns the cards over and the selection is shown to be the only printed card in the deck , all the rest are blank....Very easy to perform No sleights or moves it is almost self working...
 £19.99  £15.99 
 Auto Spell Deck by Devin Knight   Auto Spell Deck by Devin Knight
DESCRIPTION . Effect: The performer shows a deck of cards to be well mixed while removing the two Jokers from the deck. He hands the deck to a participant to cut as many times as he likes. The performer tells the participant to stop cutting anytime he likes and that the top card of the d...
 BirthDay Suit   BirthDay Suit
Dan Harlan lates Miracle deck effect! . . .You can be magical and astrological with this ingenious effect! . . .Offer an audience member a brief astrological reading, showing that a deck of cards can be used as a calendar. . . .Four suits - 4 seasons; Thirteen cards in each suit - 13 phas...
 BrainWave Deck, Bicycle - Poker   BrainWave Deck, Bicycle - Poker
The magician asks the spectator to name ANY card. ...A deck of cards is removed from the box....There is one card face up in the deck - it is the spectator's freely named card!...For the CLIMAX, the magician proves he knew the card to be selected in advance by showing that the card has a different c...
 Cardian Angel - P. Harris   Cardian Angel - P. Harris
Effect..The Animated Angel Finds Your Friend`s Card...AND Their Name! A spectator selects a card and replaces it in the pack. As the performer flips through the Bicycle deck, one of the printed angels on the back starts to animate like a cartoon, flying off the bicycle and reaching into the mysterio...
 Cardiologist +Deck, DVD   Cardiologist +Deck, DVD
Supplied complete with special deck of Bicycle Rider Back playing cards and 50-minute instructional DVD. . .A diabolical deck of cards that lets you operate like a master card magician. .Cardiologist Deck can be shuffled - by both the magician and the spectator - at any time! . .Instantly yo...
 Cardtoon 1   Cardtoon 1
This is quite possibly the most charming card trick ever invented! .....A spectator names any card (no force). You then reveal that the entire deck has little stick-figure magicians drawn on it. ...Then, to the general delight of all onlookers, the end of the deck is flicked, the cards rush by one a...
 CardToon 2   CardToon 2
Now on Bicycle back playing cards with an all new and improved handling making it an effect easy for almost anyone to perform. . . . . .Itís a blast! . . . . .The spectator is asked to think of any card (no force). . . .The deck is shown to have a stick figure magician on the back, s...
 Cheek to Cheek, Bicycle, Poker   Cheek to Cheek, Bicycle, Poker
A U.F. Grant Invention!...A pack of cards is shown and separated into two piles. ...The cards are fanned and shuffled face to face so half the cards are face up, and the other half are face down. ...The spectator then takes any card that is face up and places it anywhere in the deck face down. ...Th...
 Chimera Deck - Trick (CHIMERADECK)   Chimera Deck - Trick (CHIMERADECK)
Chimera Deck - Trick (CHIMERADECK)...Chimera..Effect..A spectator is asked to visualize a card. ..It can be any car; "A clear picture must be formed in your mind...Now think of a color, either red or blue." ..The magician explains to the spectator how powerful words and the imagination can be when c...
 Clock-O-Rama Deck   Clock-O-Rama Deck
. A Triple-HITTING Deck Effect!... . A spectator is asked to think of a time of day...The magician then sets down 12 cards forming a clock...After some joking around, the magician knows what time the spectator selected!..The card that corresponds with the chosen time, and matches a prediction mad...
 Deep Astonishment ll   Deep Astonishment ll
.........................Everything About Deep Astonishment Has Been Improved, Simplified and Beautified...You display a leather gypsy envelope and a beautiful old gypsy fortune telling deck. Each card has a fortune printed right on its face. You ask your "client" to utter the name of a special some...
 Deep Guilt Aces trick by David Regal   Deep Guilt Aces trick by David Regal
..............EFFECT: A deck of cards is shown and a spectator freely cuts the deck into four piles. The other cards are shown, so the spectator can see that they could have easily cut to any random cards. When the spectator turns over the four cards they cut to, they discover the four aces! ...No F...
 Eliminator V2.0 (With DVD) by Adrian Sullivan   Eliminator V2.0 (With DVD) by Adrian Sullivan
This effect has been shared with only a select few in the past, and has fooled many a seasoned professional! This is one of those killer routines that has been kept secret for some time. You will be blown away by the cleanness and impossibilityof the effect and also it's simplicity! We are very glad...
 Escalator by Gaeton Bloom   Escalator by Gaeton Bloom
Imagine a spectator freely selecting a card from a normal shuffled deck and signing its face. The performer then shuffles the signed card back into the deck and returns the deck to its box. . .Then the performer slides two face-up jokers halfway into the card box on top of the face-down deck (the...
 Grandpa's Deck   Grandpa's Deck
Effect . .As you relate the story about your beloved Grandpa Harry, who taught who magic, you exhibit a deck of cards. Explaining how Harry`s memory was starting to go, you show how Harry, as a memory aid, wrote the names of his children and grandchildren on the backs of the cards. Coinc...
 Haunted Deck - Bicycle   Haunted Deck - Bicycle
Locating a Card in a very different manner with the Haunted Deck....3 cards are chosen from the deck....The deck is placed in your outstretched palm....The top half spookily moves forward, then it returns to its original position....1 card is left protruding from the deck. The card is removed and sh...
 Invisible Deck, Bicycle, Poker..   Invisible Deck, Bicycle, Poker..
This is 1 of the many ways you can reveal a thought of card, The thought of card appears face down in a face up deck. ..With no slight of hand....The magician takes "two" decks from his pocket and sets them on the table - one deck is REAL and one deck is INVISIBLE!...Ask a spectator to pick any card...
 Kids Kards by Richard Pinner   Kids Kards by Richard Pinner
Effect: A group of children that you did a show for have made you a unique and special gift as a thank you. Wonderful though this is, itís not a lot of use for performing with. So using your special powers you set about changing one card, then the whole deck into a more familiar and useful design......
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